Calacatta Grey Vein Color Quartz Stone

Calacatta Grey Vein Color Quartz Stone

calacatta VV005
Non-porous surface
High hardness
Low water absorption
Safe and friendly to the environment

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Quartz Top  Dining Table

The price of quartz stone is closely related to its quality, and whether it is possible to stably produce high-quality quartz stone depends on the level of the manufacturer. We have 10 years of experience in the quartz stone industry, and we have an independent quartz factory. The quality of the quartz stone produced has been maintained at a high level for a long time and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

Iterm Infomation:

Product: Artificial Quartz Stone

Item No: V005 Calacatta

Color: White/Grey

Size:3000x1400mm, 3000x1600mm, 3200x1600mm,etc

Thickness: 20mm,30mm


Application: Interior: Countertop, Island, Vanity Top, Bar Top, Bathtub, Sink, Floor and Wall Tiles, Step, Window Sills etc.

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quartz stone countertops


About Us:

 quartz stone


Q:How to maintain the quartz surface?

A:Our quartz is non-porous and highly resistant to stains,as such,it is very simple to clean and maintain DAILY ROUTINE. Just use water,dish soap,and paper towel or a damp sponge to absorb any spills after food preparation. If need,use any non-abrasive cleaner such as Formula 409,Lysol,Windex,and Fantastic to wipe away any excess.Be sure to dry the area thoroughly with a clean cloth.

Q.: If you need customized size bathroom tops for hotel project, how can you get the quotation?

A: You need to send us the drawing for this project in PDF file or CAD file.Then, we will communicate with you about the details that you need.Last, we will offer the quotation according to your demand. 

Q: Can you copy the colors and how long to make a sample?

A: We can customize the quartz stone and artificial marble stone according to your samples can be over 95% similarity,it usually it takes about 4-6days to make the samples to you for testing.

Contact us:

Contact us if you want to know more about our products or develop cooperation with us!

Name: Jerry Deng

Tel & Whats App: +86 15860750677 


Factory address: B6 Yongquanshan Industrial Zone Shuitou Town, Nan'an,  Fujian, China

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